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"We are elated and so very proud to have Jay Armsworthy's new project, "I Couldn't Make It Without Him", on Blue Circle Records.  It is indeed a first class endeavor from engineering and production, fine musicianship, and the talent and dedication of Jay himself right on thru the classy art work.  Nothing was spared to bring to you the very finest.  Most heartwarming, when we praised the work, was Jay's response "I couldn't make it without Him."  ---Dixie & Tom T. Hall

"This album gives some promise to Bluegrass Gospel that it will be taken care of in future years to come by people like Jay Armsworthy.”   ---Larry Sparks

"Jay has done a great job choosing material for this project.  I hope that you find these songs as uplifting to listen to as we did recording them.  God bless." --- Don Rigsby

"Jay Armsworthy has his own sound that is traditional with strong singing and artistry. This album is moving and soulful, you will love the songs and the instrumentation....enjoy!!" --- Valerie Smith

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